Policy LearnJCU Subject Site Lifecycle Management Procedure

LearnJCU Subject Site Lifecycle Management Procedure

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To manage the storage requirements of the Learning Management System (LearnJCU) whilst providing a suitable level of access to historical subject data for the purpose of meeting state legislation, and providing academic audit and student access throughout their studies.

This procedure impacts on all users of LearnJCU including:

  • staff who have been assigned a role in a subject (such as Subject Coordinator or Lecturer) via the Teaching Role Database (TRDB); and
  • students that have been enrolled in those subjects during the course of their degree.


This procedure applies to:

  • LearnJCU - Learning Management System (LMS) (technology)
  • LTS - Learning & Teaching Systems Unit (business owner in Centre for Education and Enhancement)
  • ICT - Information and Communication Technology (infrastructure provider in the Services and Resources Division)
  • Managed hosting provider (3rd party provider of LearnJCU)

Content stored outside of LearnJCU (non-subject data) will NOT be included in the scope of these procedures as maintenance of these files are outside the control of the University. The following content is excluded from these procedures:

  • Content stored outside of LearnJCU (e.g. linked or embedded externally hosted resources, websites and media)
  • Content that is supplied under commercial contract (e.g. Publisher e-texts and learning resources)
  • Content which JCU does not own copyright (e.g. digitised subject readings)


Active describes the state of a subject site that is stored on managed hosting and accessible to students who have been enrolled in those subjects and to staff who have been assigned a role in the subject (such as Subject Coordinator or Lecturer) via the Teaching Role Database (TRDB).

Archived describes the state of a subject site that has been archived using the LMS standard archiving procedure and stored on local hosting at JCU.

Subject sites include all ‘subject data’ relating to an individual subject stored within the LearnJCU Learning Management System.

Subject data includes all content stored in LearnJCU subject sites. For example, this may include:

  • Learning materials (e.g. blackboard generated content, blogs, discussions, glossary, wikis, uploaded documents/files, lecture notes)
  • Assessment specifications and student submissions (e.g. tests, surveys, pools, rubrics and assignment submissions)
  • Links to lecture recordings and personal media stored on-premises in MediaSite
  • Links to reusable learning objects stored on-premises in the Digital Learning Object Repository (DLOR)


Subject sites will remain Active and available for a duration of 6 years. Sites with Active status remain available in the system to students who have completed those subjects and to staff who have been assigned a role in the subject (such as Subject Coordinator or Lecturer) via the Teaching Role Database (TRDB).

Subject sites older than 6 years will assume Archived status and will be removed from the LearnJCU system and stored in JCU’s data centre. Access to the sites will be regulated by ICT to ensure that there is no unauthorized access or information corruption and to provide disaster recovery.

LearnJCU subject sites designated as Archived may be restored to the LearnJCU system via a ServiceNow request to LTS and made available to appropriate staff for auditing and review purposes.


Archive procedure




LTS identify LearnJCU subject sites older than 6yrs to be archived.


LTS request archive of identified subject sites from managed hosting provider.


Managed hosting provider to create a Blackboard proprietary storage file for each identified subject site.


Managed hosting provider to transfer data to ICT storage infrastructure and control access/security and backup.


LTS to remove identified subject sites from the LearnJCU system.

Restore procedure




End user request subject site restore via ServiceNow.


LTS restore subject site to active status and provide controlled access to end user

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