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Research Repository Policy

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This policy promotes the discovery and dissemination of the research and scholarly output of the University through the mandatory and voluntary deposit of works into the University’s research repository at

The policy supports the expectation articulated in the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research that the results of publicly funded research activities should be made widely available.


JCU staff and students produce research and scholarly output as a contribution to their discipline and/or as part of scholarly discourse. A significant proportion of this is intended for publication for the general purpose of recognition and impact.  The objectives of the Repository include:

  • To promote and provide access to JCU research and scholarly outputs, preferably through an open access environment

  • To increase citations to JCU research

  • To promote research linkages

  • To digitally preserve JCU research and scholarly output

  • To assist with the collection and reporting of JCU research and scholarly outputs to the Australian Government

  • To assist with the collection of information for compliance with internal and external research quality assurance measures.

This policy applies to the research and scholarly output of the following:

  1. JCU academic (teaching, research and research only) staff;

  2. JCU professional, technical and research support (HEW) staff;

  3. JCU adjunct appointments; and

  4. JCU students enrolled at the University especially research higher degree candidates;


HERDCHigher Education Research Data Collection The publications component of the HERDC measures national research output based on research publications from Australian universities. Each university must provide the number of research publications produced during the reference year. Data collected is used in the calculation of the Institutional Grants Scheme and the Research Training Scheme grants to the University.

Open-access means permanent, free online access to research and scholarly publications through a central repository on the public internet.

Post-print means the manuscript version of a work (article/paper), accepted for publication, following peer review and revision. In terms of appearance this may not be the same as the published work, as publishers often reserve their own arrangement of type-setting and formatting. Typically this means that the author cannot use the publisher-generated .pdf file (for example), and must submit their own accepted manuscript version to the repository.

Refereed means works (papers/articles) that satisfy the external or peer review requirements of a scholarly journal or conference proceedings prior to publication.

Policy and Procedures

1.  Inclusions

Mandatory deposit applies to:

  • HERDC recognised publications that are authored or co-authored by members of the JCU community including staff, students and adjunct staff.

  • JCU Higher Degree Research theses

In addition to mandatory deposit, JCU staff and students may also deposit the following:

  • refereed research literature (articles, conference proceedings, etc);

    • at the post-print stage (the final version incorporating revisions made as a result of the peer review process and/or as accepted for publication); or

    • at the pre-print stage (draft version submitted by an author for peer review).

  • non-refereed research literature, including items published by commercial publishers (books, conference papers, etc.)

  • papers from conferences hosted by the University or journals supported by the University may also be included in the Repository

  • University related research material such as books, working papers, discussion papers, government submissions, technical reports and inaugural lectures

  • ancillary research material such as data sets, statistics and surveys

  • any other form of research output which can be technically loaded to the Repository.

Full-text access to these contributions will be subject to any necessary agreement with the copyright owner.

2.  Exclusions

A work should NOT be deposited in the Repository if:

  • the author plans to commercialise the work

  • the author has entered into a contract that would not permit this use

  • the work contains trade secrets or confidential information

  • the work does not respect cultural sensitivities

  • the work is defamatory, misleading or deceptive, or breaches laws relating to racial vilification and privacy

  • the work breaches copyright legislation including the intellectual property rights of any third party

  • the content is University administrative material such as the University annual report, meeting minutes, committee papers and other similar documents as defined under the JCU Records Management Policy.

3.  Copyright, Compliance and Access

The deposit of work into the Repository does not transfer copyright to James Cook University. Copyright owners retain the copyright for all content posted in the Repository. The Repository specifies a non-exclusive right to use. This means the copyright owner is free to reuse the content elsewhere.

Authors are encouraged to retain copyright in their work where possible, and where a publisher insists on a transfer of copyright, to assert their right to deposit their work in the Repository.

Inclusion, use and access of full-text work in the Repository is subject to Australian copyright law and agreement with the copyright owner.

The following conditions for full-text access apply:

  1. The author owns the copyright and authorises deposit in the Repository, or

  2. Permission has been obtained from the copyright owner to deposit within the Repository; or

  3. The publisher as copyright owner allows it to be held in a repository.

Where the deposit of the full work is not possible due to copyright restrictions, a citation, abstract and descriptive information including a link to an alternative location such as to the publisher's version of the work may be added to the Repository.

To avoid possible copyright infringements, works in the Repository should not be copied and posted to other JCU websites/servers e.g., JCU personal web pages, JCU academic portfolios, JCU Colleges, Research Centre websites, etc. The work may be hyperlinked from the Repository to the other location.  Use of these links in other JCU sites is encouraged.

Uploading works to the Repository is the responsibility of authors, as advised and supported by Library & Information Services.

The validity and authenticity of the material content in the work is the sole responsibility of the author.

Repository staff in the University Library, in conjunction with the University's Copyright Officer, will assist in determining the copyright conditions of any work to be deposited into the Repository.

Guidelines for depositing works into the Repository are available online at

4.  Restricting Access

The University may choose to restrict access to works, whether in part or in full, particularly if copyright permission is in doubt or unavailable.  In such cases, an abstract will be made available for external internet searches, to achieve maximum research visibility.

5.  Removing Materials

Works may be removed from public viewing in the following circumstances:

  • to prevent copyright infringement if another publisher, and/or copyright owner requests removal, normally through a copyright infringement notice

  • if the content proves scurrilous, plagiarizes, is libellous or would infringe a legal commitment by the University and/or the author, or breaches the University’s Code of Conduct

  • if the author requests removal and the University approves its removal

Authors must provide a written request and rationale to remove works from public viewing in the Repository.

The removal of a thesis is subject to research higher degree policies and guidelines.  All thesis removal requests are sent to the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Student.

Since any work deposited in the Repository may have been cited, a metadata record for the work will always remain in the Repository.  Any work removed will be traced in the form of a withdrawal note in the metadata record. The content of the note will indicate whether the work is removed from view at the request of the author, by copyright owner, by legal order, or at the discretion of the University.

6.  Reporting

Responsibility for management of the Repository rests with Library & Information Services.

The Director, Library and Information Services will report annually through the Deputy Vice Chancellor; and/or to the University Research Committee on the status of the Repository.

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