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Lifejacket use on boats probed

Fighting another virus? Blame your parents

Trees change inside as drought persists

Mars Australia and JCU: a sustainable partnership

Opportunity rocks for geoscience students

Ray of hope for fish allergy sufferers

Revolutionary gene tech used on cancer-causing worm

3168 new places at JCU, with more to come

JCU vision for future a step closer with $5 million State Government funding

Will a massive Antarctic ice sheet collapse?

Indonesian road-building spree among ‘world’s scariest’ environmental threats

Corals light up to attract good company

JCU professor honoured with Australia Day role

JCU Vice Chancellor appointed to Order of Australia

Experts call for rethink of global shipping to stop marine giants becoming ‘roadkill’

Being top dog doesn’t mean better sperm in African wild dogs

Aquaculture plan for northern Australia

Townsville campus re-opens


Scientists offer solutions to protect coastal populations

Ewe beauty! Making lamb even better

Climate change may destroy tiger’s home

Citizen scientists to help map the reef

Champion sprinter to stay in Townsville thanks to JCU

New friendships and essentials for study success – it’s time for ‘O Week’ at JCU!

How long does it take coral reefs to recover from bleaching?

Survey shows flood caught people out

$500 flood hardship grants for students

Exploring the deep reef


NQ floods could cause “freshwater bleaching” of GBR

Lessons from 50 years of corporate collapse

Real-time genetic tests could be game changer

JCU researcher awarded prestigious Fulbright Fellowship

Pollinators need people

No silver bullet for the Great Barrier Reef

Big data takes aim at a big human problem

Eating fish may help prevent asthma

Inbred invasive ants eat their sterile sons

JCU’s world-class research report card

Breast is best - but don’t stress

Calming pheromones could decrease animal aggression


Helping to keep travellers healthy and safe

Spectacular rare gecko discovered on Townsville’s doorstep

Global warming disrupts recovery of coral reefs

Fire sparks evacuation at JCU Townsville campus

JCU rated best in the world against UN goal

Update: overnight fire at JCU Townsville campus

JCU Connect: connecting business with world-class research

Townsville campus fire update: permanent accommodation arrangements

Mints, dirt and zippers, but sandpaper was a rub too far

Innovative new toolkit to fill gaps in missing shark and ray data

James Cook University awarded EduTrust Star for the second time

Mountain rescue

Fishy diagnostics for food allergy testing

Dr Peter Ridd

Teens heed smoke signals

Ocean currents bring good news for reef fishes

How to combine ‘leg day’ with running

Holy Pleistocene, the answer’s in the bat cave


Flood of mosquito disease avoided

Assaulted cops call for mandatory sentencing

Breaking bread with rivals leads to more fish on coral reefs

Antioxidants protect hot hogs from sperm DNA damage

Residents turned to Facebook during February floods

Stroke survey to assist survivors

Guide launched to help endangered sharks and rays

Pelvic exercises may beat bedroom blues

How plants are working hard for the planet

Urgent call to fill big gaps in knowledge about finch

A lifetime’s collection donated to JCU

Tiny fish live fast, die young

How do Australians think about water?

Child protection workers traumatised

‘Stayin’ alive’ needs practice

Cairns Innovation Centre breaks new ground

Citizen scientists mobilise to help the Great Barrier Reef


An island haven for frogs

Cardinal fish caught sneaking a bit on the side

Plans for a secondary college on JCU's Cairns Campus

Rescuers often driven by emotion

On your bike?

Squid could thrive under climate change

Retracing our ancient routes