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Burhinus grallarius

bush stone-curlew

(Bush Stone-Curlew)




Burhinus grallarius

Common name

Bush Stone-Curlew

Main colour

Buff to light brown

Distinctive feature

Colour and mournful wailing voice at night, body 55 cm


Cairns, Townsville


Several pairs often accompanied by chicks are found on both campuses but are particularly common on the Townsville campus. These buff/light brownish-coloured birds with long thin legs and thick knees, blend in well with their surrounding. When danger threatens they become rigid and may flatten themselves on the ground. They become active at night when their distinctive mournful wail is often heard.

Additional Images

Curlew familyCurlew camouflage Daytime roosting under overhanging branchesparent and  chick