Nematolosa erebi

bony bream

(Bony Bream)




Nematolosa erebi

Common name(s)

Bony Bream

Main colour(s)

Silvery with green or reddish tinge

Body size

Usually about 15 cm long but up to about 40 cm long




A moderate-sized, deep-bodied, laterally compressed fish. Males and females similar in appearance, though females usually grow to a larger size. The species is silvery with occasionally a greenish or grey or even reddish tinge and the back is darker than the sides. The snout is blunt and the mouth is small with a distinct central groove. The dorsal fin is small with a long filament extending from the lower posterior edge, while the caudal fin is distinctly separated into 2 lobes, usually yellowish in colour. These fish which form large shoals chiefly feed on benthic algae but may also feed on detritus and small invertebrates.