Ornithoptera euphorion

female just hatched

(Cairns Birdwing)




Ornithoptera (syn.Troides) euphorion

Common name

Cairns Birdwing

Main colour

Green and black

Distinctive features

Wingspan 125/150 mm, hind wing scalloped




This species is also known as Triodes euphorion. The host food larval food plants are native species of the Aristolochiaceae. Mature larvae 64 mm long, blackish-brown to pale brown, each segment with a dorsilateral row of long spines; head brown or black. Adult male is black with brilliant iridescent green markings, hind wing is green with a deep yellow spot and some black as well as yellow spots; lower surface black with extensive blue-green markings. Abdomen bright yellow. Adult female is brown to black with white to cream markings, lower surface similar to upper but cream spots more elongate in subterminal area.

Additional images

Images of Cairns birdwings