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Polyura sempronius

Polyura sempronius

(Tailed Emperor, Four-tail)




Polyura sempronius

Common name(s)

Tailed Emperor, Four-tail

Main colour(s)


Distinctive features

Wingspan 75/85 mm; 2 tails per hind wing


Cairns, Townsville


Larval food plants are chiefly legumes in the Mimosaceae (Fabaceae) and Caesalpiniaceae (Fabaceae) but a number of other species from different families have been recorded. Mature larvae green to bluish-green with yellow lines and bands and whitish spots; head dull green edged with yellow, plus 4 long horns tipped with blue. Adult is cream with black areas enclosing spots, on the hind wing the cream is more extensive, 2 tails per hind wing; lower surface cream with brown and white areas, extensive patterning.