Macropus agilis

Macropus agilis

(Agile Wallaby)




Macropus agilis

Common name

Agile Wallaby

Main colour; head-body size

Light brown, male body to 80 cm, tail to 80 cm, female body to 65cm, tail 64 cm

Mature weight

Male 16-27 kg, female 9-15 kg

Scat shape, size

Oval to square, 10-12 mm wide (15-25)


Cairns, Townsville


These wallabies are frequently seen on campus, particularly in the early morning or late evening and as ‘road-kill. These attractive wallabies have a yellowish-brown body, which may have an orange tinge, the outer edge of the ears is dark brown to black. Feed on grasses, roots, fruits.

Other Images

Macropus agilis

Mother with joey in pouch