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Lampides boeticus

Image of Lampides boeticus

(Long-tailed Pea-blue, Pea-blue, Pea-blue Argus)




Lampides boeticus

Common name(s)

Long-tailed Pea-blue, Pea-blue, Pea-blue Argus

Main colour(s)


Distinctive features

Wingspan 25/27 mm; prominent black spots near tail




Larvae feed on many native and introduced legumes (Fabaceae). They are usually attended by ants from three genera, Froggattella, Iridomyrmex and Camponotus. Mature larvae pale green to pinkish-brown with a darker line, body densely covered with small hairs: head brown or black. Adult male purplish covered with long white hairs, hind with two eyespots and a slender tail; female pale purple, iridescent, brown towards outer margin, obscure whitish rings and 2 black spots near tail; lower surface pale grey brown, series of whitish spots and bands present, prominent black spots near tail.