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Doleschallia bisaltide

Doleschallia bisaltide

(Australian Leafwing)




Doleschallia bisaltide

Common name

Australian Leafwing

Main colour(s)

Orange brown

Distinctive features

Wingspan 62/65 mm; small blunt tail


Cairns, Townsville


Larvae feed chiefly on plants within the family Acanthaceae such as Asystasia gangetica and Pseuderanthemum spp. Larvae have a black body with cream, blue and reddish spots, long black spines also present; head black with 2 long branched spines. Adult upper surface fore wing orange-brown blackish towards the upper margins, several small white spots present. Hind wing is dark orange-brown becoming black towards the margins, small blunt tail present; lower surface chiefly orange to reddish-brown or sometimes greenish to grey.

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