Jamidis phaseli

Jamidis phaseli

(Purple Cerulean, Dark Cerulean)




Jamidis phaseli

Common name(s)

Purple Cerulean, Dark Cerulean

Main colour(s)

Blue to purple

Distinctive features

Wingspan 25/27 mm; slender tail




The larvae which are not usually attended by ants feed on a number of species in the Fabaceae such as Cajanus reticulatus, Indigofera pratensis and Millettia pinnata. Mature larvae 12 mm long, body pale brown with darker line: head brown. Adult male bright iridescent blue, outer margin black, hind with slender tail and some obscure spots; female dull bluish-purple, hind wing with obscure rings enclosing a black spot, slender tail present; lower surface pale brown with a series of spots and brownish bands outlined in white, rings near outer edge, two near the tail enclose black spots.