Haplochromis burtoni

Burton's haplochromis male

(Burton’s Haplochromis, Burton’s Mouthbrooder)




Haplochromis burtoni

Common name(s)

Burton’s Haplochromis, Burton’s Mouthbrooder

Main colour(s)

Polychromatic, blues, yellows to reds

Body size

Average 12-15 cm long




This colourful fish has been introduced from Central East Africa. Males larger than females. Males brightly coloured – grey to near luminescent blue or yellow with orange patch above pectoral fin and dark bars on the head. Males only have 5-9 orange spots on anal fin; females and juveniles sandy grey-green and lack distinct markings or spots; the dorsal fin extends almost to the tail; body is oval in cross-section. It is a mouth brooder and frequents slow moving water where it is shallow and where there is vegetation. It eats both plant material and invertebrates.