Euchrysops cnejus

Euchrysops cnejus

(Five-spotted Pea-blue)




Euchrysops cnejus

Common name

Five-spotted Pea-blue

Main colour(s)


Distinctive features

Wingspan 27/26 mm; slender tail




The larvae of this species are usually, attended by ants from at least six genera. Chief food plants are native and introduced legumes in the family Fabaceae. Mature larvae yellow-green with reddish line, row of black spots and a pale green line on each segment, hairs present, humped: head dark brown. Adult male pale lilac with a bluish basal area, brown outer margin, hind has two black spots near the short slender tail; female pale brown with a bluish centre, some whitish subterminal rings and two black spots near the tail; lower surface grey-brown with black brown spots and bands edged in white, black spots in margin adjacent to tail.

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