Hypseleotris compressa

(Empire Gudgeon, Carp Gudgeon)




Hypseleotris compressa

Common name(s)

Empire Gudgeon, Carp Gudgeon

Main colour(s)

Fins - male red, female olive-brown

Body size

Usually about 7 cm long but may be to 11 cm long


Cairns, Townsville


A small fish with males larger than females. This species has a compressed head and elongate body, becoming deeper with age. Two dorsal fins present. The dorsal and anal fins of this gudgeon are red in the breeding male with a black and white band and in the female they are olive-brown. Preferred habitat is around aquatic plants and amongst fallen branches in flowing water. It is an omnivore feeding mainly on invertebrates (aquatic insects crustaceans and some molluscs) as well as algae.