Anseranus semipalmata

Image of Anseranus semipalmata

(Magpie goose)




Anseranus semipalmata

Common name

Magpie goose

Main colour

Black and white

Distinctive feature

Black and white body, large knob on head, body 70-92 cm long




This large bird is occasionally seen circling or resting on campus in a good wet season. The body is up to 92 cm long and the wingspan is between 150and 160 cm. The head, neck, wings and tail are black, though sometimes the wings are brownish. The body is white. Head has a distinctive knob on the top and the skin on the face is yellow. Legs and feet are orange to orange-yellow, eyes black, bill black and hooked. Occurs though northern Australia and down to northern NSW usually associated with floodplains and other wetlands.