Cressida cressida

Cressida cressida

(Clearwing Swallowtail, Greasy Swallowtail, Big Greasy)




Cressida cressida

Common name(s)

Clearwing Swallowtail, Greasy Swallowtail, Big Greasy

Main colour(s)

Grey and white

Distinctive feature

Wingspan 80/70 mm




Food plants for this species are members of the Aristolochaceae, many of whom are small plants scattered throughout grassland. Mature larvae are variable in colour, but usually reddish-brown to dark brown with white markings and tubercles; head dark blackish-brown; about 3 cm long at maturity. Adults have a transparent grey forewing with 1 or more black spots; hind wing is white with black and brown markings and 5 pink or red spots towards the margin; lower surface paler, female lighter brown

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