Antechinus flavipes

Antechinus flavipes

(Yellow-footed Antechinus)




Antechinus flavipes

Common name

Yellow-footed Antechinus

Main colour; body size

Varies from dark brown to orange-brown; body 11.7 cm long, tail 9.7 cm

Mature weight

About 79 g

Scat shape, size

Black, pointed at both ends, insect remains present




This animal can be very destructive and will gnaw through plastic piping etc., if it thinks this will lead to food! It is commonly found in rainforest and gallery forests and is active at any time. It chiefly eats insects. Mating is frantic and the males soon dies, many females die after weaning the first litter. Colour ranges from dark-brown with gingerish eye-rings to orange-brown on rump and belly. It has a broad head with a pointed snout, the big toe is clawless.