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Falco cenchroides

Falco cenchroides

(Nankeen Kestrel, Australian Kestrel, Hoverer)




Falco cenchroides

Common name

Nankeen Kestrel, Australian Kestrel, Hoverer

Main colour

Rufous with white

Distinctive feature

Black band on tail; size 30-35 cm




This bird can sometimes be seen overflying the campus. In flight the wings are pointed and the tail displays a broad black band, larger in the female than the male; wingspan 60-80 cm. The male is rufous-coloured on the back and wings with the underparts white, head is grey, the female has a rufous-coloured body. Legs and feet are yellow, eyes black and the bill is dark grey.

Additional Images

Kestrels in flight

kestrel perching