Ephippitytha spp.

Image of Katydid eggs

(Spotted Katydids)


Tettigoniidae, subfamily Phaneropterinae


Ephippitytha trigintiduoguttata

Common name

32 Spotted Katydid




Woodland, widespread


This subfamily are commonly known as Bush Katydids because the majority favour shrubs and trees. The eggs shown here had been deposited on the branch of an eucalypt. The adult female has a short ovidepositor which she uses to glue the eggs on to twigs. The common name of species in this genus is based on the spots found on the forewing. For a photograph of an adult see http://gvcocks.homeip.net/Orthoptera/. More information on katydids can be found in “A Guide to Katydids of Australia” 2010 by David Rentz. Dr Rentz provided the identification of the eggs.

Images of Katydid eggs