Macropus giganteus

Macropus giganteus

(Eastern Grey Kangaroo)




Macropus giganteus

Common name

Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Main colour; head-body size

Brown to grey; male body to 121 cm, tail to109 cm; female body to 101 cm, tail to 84 cm

Mature weight

Male to 75 kg, female to 32 kg

Scat shape, size

Oval or square 10-20 mm wide, 20-30 long




In very dry years, the Eastern grey kangaroo has been reported on campus, as it has been forced closer to the coast looking for food. The body is brown to grey and undersurface paler, there may be some silky hairs present on the face. The tail particularly the tip is darker than the body.

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Macropus giganteus