Opodiphthera eucalypti

Two images of Opodiphthera

(Emperor Gum Moth)




Opodiphthera eucalypti

Common name

Emperor Gum Moth

Main colour


Distinctive feature(s)

Wingspan 120-150 mm, distinctive eyespots, large caterpillar




In North Queensland the larvae have been found on eucalypts, Harpullia sp., and Melicope rubra. The caterpillars change colour as they grow, initially black they then develop yellow and white markings, then to blue/green and green. At this stage they have prominent, coloured tubercles bearing tufts of hair. At the 5th stage (pictured) they also have a pale cream stripe along each side of the body. Feet gripping the plant are black. Cocoon is reddish-brown in colour. Adults are light to mid-brown in colour with prominent eyespots. On the fore wings these are reddish-brown with a pink centre and central white dot, on the hind wings the outside is black encircling blue then orange, again with a white dot in the centre.