Mogurnda adspersa

Image of Purple Spot Gudgeon

(Purple-spotted gudgeon)




Mogurnda adspersa

Common name(s)

Purple-spotted gudgeon

Main colour(s)

Pale brown with spots

Body size

Average 8 cm long, up to 14 cm long.




A moderate sized species, with an elongate cylindrical body slightly compressed posteriorly. Males and females are similar in size and appearance with mature males having a large ‘bump’ on the head above the eyes. The species is brown dorsally to grey or yellow-brown on the ventral surface with several dark patches on the sides as well as white, purple and red spots which become more prominent in the breeding season. The 2 dorsal fins and the anal fin are yellowish with orange or red spots. Habitat varies but seems to prefer quiet or slow flowing water. Feeds mainly on aquatic insects and some crustaceans, molluscs and terrestrial invertebrates, and will also eat small fish and fish eggs.