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Mycalesis terminus

Mycalesis terminus

(Orange Bush-brown)




Mycalesis terminus

Common name

Orange Bush-brown

Main colour(s)


Distinctive feature

Wingspan 38/43 mm


Cairns, Townsville


Larvae feed on a variety of grasses particularly Imperata cyclindrica (Blady grass), Themeda triandra (Kangaroo grass) and Megathyrsus maximus (Guinea grass). Mature larvae 32 mm long, body brownish with obscure markings; anal segment with a forked chocolate-brown projection; head dark brown with 2 horns. Adults on upper surface are orange-brown with veins and towards upper margins black, fore wing with a yellowish patch and an eyespot; hind wing has 3 subterminal eyespots; lower surface basically brown with a paler band towards the margins, eyespots present on both wings.