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Deudorix diovis

Images of Deudorix

(Bright Cornelean)




Deudorix diovis

Common name

Bright Cornelean

Main colour(s)

Black with orange

Distinctive feature

Wingspan 30/31 mm




The larvae which are not usually attended by ants feed on a variety of plant including Buckinghamia celsissima, Cupaniopsis anacardioides, and Harpullia pendula. Mature larvae pale orange-yellow with black spots on the anterior segments, dark hairs present; head shiny brown. Adult male fore wing is black with an orange central area, hind is orange red with black veins; female is grey, both sexes have a lobe and tail on hind wings; lower surface pale brown with darker bands, hind with iridescent blue-green to black spot ringed with orange, lobe is black.