Amphibolurus nobbi nobbi

Image of Nobbi Nobbi

(Nobbi nobbi, Nobbi Dragon)




Amphibolurus nobbi nobbi

Common name

Nobbi nobbi, Nobbi Dragon

Main colour

Grey to brown with blotches and stripes

Body size

Snout to vent about 7.5 cm


Cairns, Townsville


This lizard, which belongs to a group referred to as dragons, has a ridge formed by enlarged scales along the back. The colour of the body varies from grey to brown with dark blotches and there are two distinctive pale to yellowish stripes along the back and on the flanks. The tail which is about twice the length of the body , about 15 cm long, often has a pinkish tinge. A common lizard in gardens and in woodlands and open forest, when disturbed it becomes motionless with the head held up at about 45degrees to the substrate. Feeds chiefly on insects.