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Chaetocneme denitza

Image of Chaetocneme denitza

(Ornate Dusk-flat)




Chaetocneme denitza

Common name

Ornate Dusk-flat

Main colour(s)


Distinctive features

Wingspan 44/58 mm; blue grey veins on upperside in males




Larvae are commonly found on Cocky apple trees (Planchonia careya) and species of Lophostemon. Brood common in October and November wherever there are host plants. Older larval shelters distinct, usually formed from two leaves joined with silk. Mature larvae to about 35 mm long, basically pinkish-cream in colour, head reddish-brown. Adults disperse widely in the wet season, may sometimes be flushed from dense foliage during the day but chiefly around at dusk; fore wing orange-brown with cream spots, males with blue-grey veins on upper surface less prominent in females; hind with some brown to black spots, lower surface orange-brown with purple.