Wollumbinia latisternum (syn. Elseya latisternum)

Image of Elseya latisternum

(Saw-shelled Turtle, Serrated Snapping Turtle)




Wollumbinia latisternum

(syn. Elseya latisternum)

Common name(s)

Saw-shelled Turtle, Serrated Snapping Turtle

Main colour

Carapace, chiefly brown to dark brown

Body size

Carapace up to 28 cm long




This turtle is common in Half Moon Creek during the wet season where it feeds on aquatic insects, small fish and amphibians. It is also found along the Eastern coast as far south as northern NSW. The carapace or shell varies in colour but is chiefly brown to dark brown, some dark blotches are common, at maturity it is up 28 cm long, oval in shape; the plastron or underside is yellowish; head is large with a projecting snout and a horny plate on the top, the neck can fold sideways. In hatchlings the hind legs are serrated but become smooth in adults, the web feet are also clawed.