Caenoplana sp.

Image of Caenoplana sp.

(Brown-striped Flatworm)




Caenoplana sp.

Common name

Brown-striped Flatworm


Cream with rust-brown stripes


Found exclusively in human-modified habitat, especially urban and public gardens in litter and under rocks and rotting logs; also in damp places in well-treed gardens. Under very wet conditions may be encountered crawling on pathways, up the sides of buildings and in bathrooms. Probably introduced into north Queensland from New Guinea or new Caledonia.


Length 7-10 cm. Long, thin, tapered at each end; back pale rust-brown to cream, with four fine brown stripes separated by intervals of cream along their length; belly creamish-white. Head end pinkish brown, with numerous fine eye spots around the tip and clustered on the sides.