Acaciella angustissima

Image of Acaciella angustissima

(White Ball Acacia, Prairie Acacia, Wild Divi-divi)


Mimosaceae / Fabaceae


Acaciella angustissima

Common name(s)

White Ball Acacia, Prairie Acacia , Wild Divi-divi (CLASS 1)

Flower colour; life form

Flowers white; tree

Distinguishing features

Leaves bipinnate, 11-17 pairs of pinnae, leaflets 20-40 per pinna; no glands on rachis. Panicle to 12 cm long, flowers with white corolla and stamens. Fruit a flat pod 4-9 cm long, 1-1.5 cm wide, seeds 8-12 per pod, circular in outline.

scan of Acaciella