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Harrisia martinii (Eriocereus martinii)

Image of Harrisia martinii

(Harrisia cactus, Moonlight cactus)




Harrisia martinii (alt. Eriocereus martinii)

Common name

Harrisia cactus, Moonlight cactus (CLASS 2)

Flower colour; life form

Flowers white; shrub with succulent stems

Distinguishing features

A native of South American, this perennial plant can form thickets, grows well on brigalow soils. Plant forms a sprawling mass of succulent rope-like stems up to several metres in length and 4 cm diameter; spines to 3.5 cm long, dark-tipped as well as shorter spines,. Flowers white open at night; to 18 cm diameter; fruit succulent red when ripe to 5 cm diameter, spines usually present.

Additional images

Images of Harrisia cactus