Glochidion philippicum

Glochidion philippicum

(Little Cheese Tree)


Phyllanthaceae / Euphorbiaceae s.l.


Glochidion philippicum

Common name

Little Cheese Tree

Flower colour; life form

Green; small tree


Cairns, Townsville


This small tree has widely spreading branches and the leaves are borne alternately along the branches, they are in the one plane rather than being spirally arranged. Because many branches appear short, they are often mistaken for compound leaves. The underneath surface of the leaf is pubescent. The insignificant flowers are borne in clusters in the axils, these are followed by depressed- lobular, fruit ribbed so that it resembles a small wheel of cheese or, a small Queensland blue pumpkin, greyish-green with 10-15 small lobes. When the outside splits then orange to red seeds are revealed, the colour is due to the aril. This plant is being spread on campus by birds who eat the seeds.