Grewia asiatica

Grewia asiatica



Sparmanniaceae / Tiliaceae / Malvaceae


Grewia asiatica

Common name


Flower colour; life form

Flowers yellow; shrub




This low spreading shrub to 4 m, found in the woodland areas of the Douglas campus is a native of India and associated areas. The alternate leaves are weakly heart-shaped, and up to 18 cm long, sometimes longer; there are 5 veins spreading from the base, leaf margins are serrated. The small orange to yellow flowers have numerous stamens clustered in the centre of each flower. The fleshy fruits are purple to black, edible, dispersed by birds. It is similar to the native G. latifolia which usually only grows to about 1 m tall and leaves are usually less than 10 cm long.

grewia fruits

Grewia asiatica