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Pterocarpus indicus

Pterocarpus indicus

(Burmese rosewood, Angsana, Indian padauk)




Pterocarpus indicus

Common name(s)

Burmese rosewood, Angsana, Indian padauk

Flower colour; life form

Yellow; tree




This is the national tree of the Philippines. A deciduous tree, spreading and much branched, particularly if periodically pruned. The glossy green pinnate leaves have 5-9 leaflets (about 9 x 4 cm) and the small, yellow pea-shaped flowers have crumpled petals. The fruit is distinctive being round to 5 cm diameter with a circular wing. The wood is fragrant and infusions are said to fluoresce. The bark yields a red dye and a sticky oily gum. A very hardy tree well adapted to dry conditions. Deciduous in winter, flowering prior to the wet season. An excellent plant in times of strong winds.

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