Crotalaria retusa

Image of Crotalaria retusa

(Wedge-leaf Rattlepod)




Crotalaria retusa

Common name

Wedge-leaf Rattlepod

Flower colour; life form

Yellow; herb to 1.3 m tall




Although often considered a weed this plant does make a nice garden plant but seeds germinate readily. It is a much-branched annual that can grow to 1.3 m tall but is usually much less. The leaves are simple and wedge-shaped, slightly indented at the apex, lower surface covered with adpressed hairs. The pea-shaped flowers are borne on a terminal raceme. Standard is about 24 mm long, yellow often slightly streaked with red, wings are as long or longer than the keel. Pod is much inflated 3-5 cm long, black when ripe. It contains 12-20 seeds yellowish to brown. Toxic to horses, particularly.