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Elaeocarpus angustifolius (syn. E. grandis)

Image of Elaeocarpus angustifolious

(Silver Quandong, Blue Marble Tree)




Elaeocarpus angustifolius

Common name(s)

Silver Quandong, Blue Marble Tree

Flower colour; life form

Cream: tree


Cairns, Townsville


This tree with a open branching architecture usually has a few old red senescing leaves present. The leaves have weakly serrated margins and domatia are usually present in some of the axils between the lateral veins and the midrib. The cream flowers with the petals divided at the apex into 4-5 lobes are followed by the characteristic blue drupe which is shiny and almost iridescent. The endocarp is pitted and the remains are usually found on the ground under the tree. This species is sometimes also referred to as E. grandis however Blume’s name is the earlier name if the northern populations are combined with the southern ones

JCU acknowledges the Yirrganydji and Djabugay Peoples for sharing their Indigenous Knowledge and pay respect to the elders past and present. “Known as Morr-kan, the fruits are edible. The blue skin and green [pulp is eaten. Seeds are made into necklaces. Medicine made from the tree can be used to cure colds and flus. Manual tools are also made from the tree.”


Additional image

mage of Elaeocarpus fruit