Eucalyptus curtisii

Image of Eucalyptus curtisii

(Plunkett Mallee)




Eucalyptus curtisii

Common name

Plunket Mallee

Flower colour; life form

Flowers white; small multi-stemmed tree




This attractive small tree usually grows as a multi-stemmed mallee, it rarely exceeds 7 m tall; bark smooth, branchlets angular. Leaves firm and leathery to 15 cm long and 3.5 cm wide, usually about 1.5 cm wide; the intramarginal vein is obvious; upper surface glossy green, lower surface paler. Flowers in terminal panicles, sepals free, 4; petals form an operculum; capsules to 1 cm long and width similar; dehiscence by a cap rather than by valves, locules 5-6. This plant is ideal for the small garden.

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