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Discover Nature at JCU Plants Plants by scientific name A-F Euphorbia umbellata (syn. Synadenium grantii)

Euphorbia umbellata (syn. Synadenium grantii)

Synadenium grantii

(African milk bush)




Euphorbia umbellata (syn. Synadenium grantii)

Common name

African milk bush

Flower colour; life form

White; shrub




This African shrub related to Euphorbia is a succulent and produces copious quantities of a milky sap which is a skin irritant. The alternate leaves are oblanceolate, dark green above with obvious lateral veins and paler below. Coloured purplish bracts protect the small flowers, borne is open heads. All parts of the plant are toxic but the sap is extremely irritating, caution required when pruning. This attractive shrub has now given way to development.