Lomandra longifolia

Image of Lomandra longifolia

(Spiny-headed Mat-rush)


Laxmanniaceae / Xanthorrhoeaceae


Lomandra longifolia

Common name

Spiny-headed Mat-rush

Flower colour; life form

Pale; herb, grass-like


Cairns, Townsville


This is a tufted plant with leaves up to 1 m long and less than 1 cm wide, unless damaged it has several small teeth near the apex. The inflorescence has 2 major branches at each node compared to L. hystrix, which has about 4 per node and the teeth are quite widely separated, up to 10 cm from the tip.

JCU acknowledges the Yirrganydji and Djabugay Peoples for sharing their Indigenous Knowledge and pay respect to the elders past and present. “Known as Woy-yin. White leaf bases are edible and eaten on long trips. Leaves weaved in baskets and ornaments. Flowers are a seasonal ‘calendar’ indicators for certain species of freshwater fish”.

Additional image:

Image of Lomandra fruit