Syzygium angophoroides

Image of Syzygium angophoroides

(Yarrabah Satinash)




Syzygium angophoroides

Common name

Yarrabah Satinash

Flower colour; life form

White, cream; tree




This tree grows to about 30 m but is usually smaller, coppice shoots may be present and at maturity buttresses may develop; bark papery and flaky. New twigs are square in cross-section often with ridges or wings. Petioles short less than 1 cm long; leaves lanceolate to broadly lanceolate, to 14 x 5 cm, an intramarginal vein is present. Flowers are in axillary and terminal panicles, petals white to pink usually 5. Fruits when ripe, are purple to black-depressed globular to 13 cm wide and 9 cm high. Fruits are eaten by various birds.