Lyophyllum connatum

Image of Lyophyllum connatum

(A fried chicken mushroom)




Lyophyllum connatum

Common name

Fried Chicken Mushroom Group


Cap buff-coloured


Litter or garden mulch


The fruiting bodies of this group of mushrooms form compact clusters so that the bases are fused together and the stems are bent to avoid each other. Caps to about 12 cm diameter, convex expanding with maturity, thick, fleshy, buff-coloured often with darkish spots in a circle up from the margin. Gills free, whitish to buff-coloured, less than 20% of the cap thickness. Spore print white. Stems solid, white, bent tapering from top, at maturity about 2 cm wide near apex and 4-5 cm wide at base and up to 15 cm long. Do not eat.

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