Sesbania benthamiana

(Sesbania Pea)




Sesbania benthamiana

Common name(s)

Sesbania Pea

Flower colour; life form

Flowers yellow, shrub to 4 m tall

Distinguishing features

Sparsely branched, leaves alternate, compound with 15-40 pairs of leaflets. Flowers pea-shaped; calyx 6-7 mm long; standard yellow with numerous fine purple streaks. Pod 15-27 cm long, when ripe cream-coloured, streaked with pale brown or purple. Seeds flecked with black. In S. cannabina the wings or lateral petals are not streaked with purple.

The name of this species has been changed from the misapplied name of S. javanica, a name now not applied to Australian material (Gross, 2010)

Scan of Sesbania javanica