Sesbania cannabina

Image of Sesbania cannabina

(Yellow Pea Bush, Sesbania Pea)




Sesbania cannabina

Common name(s)

Yellow Pea Bush, Sesbania Pea

Flower colour; life form

Yellow; shrub to 3.5 m tall

Distinguishing features

Leaves, alternate, compound with up to 35 pairs of leaflets. Flowers pea-shaped, yellow, calyx 3-5.5 mm long, standard 6-10 mm tall, yellow with purple flecks on the back, wings yellow but not streaked with purple. Pod 12-20 c, long, 2-3 mm wide pale brown to yellowish brown. Differs from S. benthamiana/S. javanica by the shorter calyx and wings not flecked with purple