Tagetes minuta*

Image of Tagetes minuta

(Stinking Roger)




Tagetes minuta*

Common name

Stinking Roger

Flower colour; life form

Flowers white, flowers pale yellow; erect herb

Distinguishing features

This erect herb to 2 m tall, has strongly aromatic leaves, hence the common name. Leaves are chiefly opposite and compound with 3-9 leaflets, margins finely toothed. Flowers borne in heads; each head is surrounded by involucral bracts fused to form a tube. The ray florets, there are 3-4 – the ones that appear like petals, are whitish to yellowish-green. The 4-5 disk florets in the centre are greenish. Achenes are black, covered in very short hairs and the apex is crowed by the pappus of hairy scales.