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Vachellia nilotica (syn. Acacia nilotica)

Image of Acacia niloticaImage of Acacia nilotica

(Prickly Acacia)


Mimosaceae / Fabaceae


Vachellia nilotica (syn. Acacia nilotica)

Common name(s)

Prickly Acacia

Flower colour, life form

Flowers pale yellow; tree

Distinguishing features

Spreading tree to about 10 m tall; leaves bipinnate with 4-10 pairs of pinnae and 25 segments/ pinnules per pinna. Axillary spines to 5 cm long. Flowers pale yellow in axillary heads. Pods to 15 cm long, flattened, grey-green constricted between the seeds.

Scan of Acacia nilotica