Centrosema platycarpum

Images of Centrosema platycarpum and C. brasilianum





Centrosema platycarpum

Common name(s)


Flower colour; life form

Flowers pink to mauve. Vine, often vigorous

Distinguishing features

This species is not as common as C. molle. In the latter the stipules are triangular and 3-4 mm long, compared to C. platycarpum where the stipules are partially wrapped around the stem and about 10 mm long. Flowers pea-shaped, standard petal large to 2 cm long, 2-3 cm wide, pink to mauve, densely hairy on the back. Pod flattened, thickened on the margins 7 – 15 cm long, about 7 mm wide. Style in C. platycarpum is persistent and about 1 cm long, but in C. brasilianum a cultivated species the style is about 3 cm long.

Centrosema pubescens (syn. C. molle)