Desmodium scorpiurus

(Tick Trefoil, Scorpion Tick Trefoil)




Desmodium scorpiurus

Common name(s)

Tick Trefoil, Scorpion Tick Trefoil

Flower colour; life form

Flowers white, flowers mauve, herb

Distinguishing features

Native to Central and South America. Plant may be prostrate to weakly erect. Leaves alternate with 3 leaflets terminal leaflet 1.5–2 cm long, hairs present on both sides. Flowers in a raceme, pea-shaped, standard and wings to 3.5 mm long, white to mauve. Pod to 2.5 cm long, weakly constricted between the seeds to form up to 5 oblong segments each about 5 mm long.

Scanned image of Desmodium