Ipomoea carnea ssp. Fistulosa

Ipomoea carnea ssp. Fistulosa

Image of Ipomoea carnea

(Bush Morning Glory, Pink Morning Glory)




Ipomoea carnea spp. fistulosa

Common names

Bush Morning Glory, Pink Morning Glory

Flower colour; life form

Pink; shrub to 3 m

Distinguishing features

This shrub usually forms an erect bush to 3 m tall. It is a perennial introduced from Central America. It is an invasive weed that can spread rapidly along seasonal watercourses. Leaves are heart-shaped to about 7 x 4 cm, petiole 1.5-2 cm long; short hairs are present on both upper and lower surfaces, but particularly on the latter. Flowers are in clusters at the ends of branches; corolla pink to mauve to 5 cm long. Fruit is a capsule, brown, seeds are covered with hairs

Scan of Ipomoea carnea