Glochidion sumatranum

Glochidion sumatranum



Phyllanthaceae / Euphorbiaceae s.l.


Glochidion sumatranum

Common name


Flower colour; life form

Greenish; shrub


Cairns, Townsville


A shrub to small tree growing along Half Moon Creek, the leaves, to 13 x 4 cm, are borne in the one plane along the stem, petiole about 5 mm long. The pedunculate inflorescence arises in the leaf axils. The capsules on the female plant are clustered in the axils up to 9 mm diameter, they are flattened resembling a small pumpkin, deeply 5-6 lobed so often appear to have about 10 segments, aril surrounding the seeds are orange to reddish. It has also been planted in Townsville.