Impatiens walleriana

Impatiens walleriana

(Busy Lizzie, Balsam)




Impatiens walleriana

Common name(s0

Busy Lizzie, Balsam

Flower colour; life form

Various, pinks chiefly; herbs


Cairns, Townsville


This perennial herb with succulent stems grows to about 60 cm tall. Leaves are usually alternate, ovate to elliptical with crenate margins. The flowers are up to 5 cm diameter, the lowest sepal has a spur to about 5 cm long, the 5 petals spread widely so that the flower appears flat, only the uppermost petal is completely free, the others are shortly fused into two pairs. Colours vary from white to dark pink and even orange shades. The fruit is a capsule, which at maturity explodes when touched, flinging the seeds out and dispersing them.

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