Lantana camara and Lantana montevidensis

Lantana camara





Lantana camara, Lantana montevidensis

Common name


Flower colour; life form

Orange, Red, Pink, Purple; shrubs, scramblers


Cairns, Townsville


Although Lantana camara can be found along University Creek and associated areas the various cultivars of L. montevidensis, both purple and yellow will be found on campus. All species of Lantana are considered as class 3 weeds. Plants can form tall scrambling bushes or be low-growing to creeping. Stems are square with small prickles, the opposite leaves to 12 x 7 cm have serrated to crenate margins and are covered with stiff hairs. The tubular flowers are borne in clusters to 3 cm diameter, colours vary and the different colour forms and species vary in toxicity. The small black fruits should not be eaten, Contact dermatitis may occur in those who are susceptible. Flowering occurs throughout the year.

Lantana montevidensis